Top 8 FREE CALENDAR apps for iphone

On this page you gonna find the best free calendar apps for I phone. Calendar apps are necessary for your everyday life. Why should you use the basic apps like I Cal? Use this cool Apps! They are free and have many usefull features.

New AWSOME free app is beeing developed! COMING SOON!

1) WAYMI - social calendar LIKE IT! :)

Revolutionary social calendar app coming your way0FOR FREE! Events, tasks, school schedule and more in the palm of your hand. Find free time of your friends, check in at events, let other know your mood and much more.



2) Upto

Free calendar app with social elements? Why not, this huge app with its fresh design and awesome features will take your breath away. Share your events with your friends, add comments, add stamps and sort your friends. Every step is fast and simple. From my point of view, this free calendar app rocks.

Link: More screenshots


3) Plango

With this free calendar app is social planning very easy, just plan and go to activities with your friends. They created an app, where you can send an event requests to your friends, like when you wanna to go with Tony on baseball, just send him an event, and for that purpose, you can notice each other in very convenient way., Or you just check your mailbox, if someone wants to go out with you! Everything for free, so, what are you waiting for? Use this free calendar app!

Link: more screenshots


4) Moredays

Do you like old fashioned paper calendars? Folks  wake up, it´ s out of date ! This free calendar app would be perfect for you, it´s invented like a real paper calendar, the design is glamorous. Simply add your  events and manage your calendar with elegancy. Your life will be printed as a book with  infinite pictures, photos and stamps. Track your memories. Store everything in one place ( notes, events, all contacts, media) and you will have everything in a cloud.

Link: more screenshots


5) SimplyUs

Simply Us helps couples to organize their life together. It’s incredibly usefulfree calendar app and keeps you close to your significant other. Start living the simple life today. Get organized with dead simple calendar sharing. Zero setup – it just works. It works with all of your existing calendars. Google, Hotmail, Yahoo, Outlook. Share lists to help get things done. To Do lists, groceries, shopping. Only share what you want to. Everything is always in sync and up to date. Stay close with privately shared photos and messages

Link: more sreenshots


6) Planner S

Planner S is nicely made free iphone calendar. It covers basically two features: adding events and adding “feelings” which are sorted in special screens, so you can see your “happy” events, “sunny” events, “family” events etc… Interesting thing is, that they have more different stamps than most of the calendar apps, gaining a point for originality :)  . About the “shop button”, I would give it somewhere else, I mean on web page, anywhere, but no in the I phone app, it looks really bad there. Do better workspace, send the shop button into oblivion and you have an useful free calendar app!

Link: more screenshots


7) PocketLife Calendar

Easy free calendar app. Pocket Life has been designed for people who wants  a Cal. easy to use and beautiful looking in their pocket. Pocket Life has a simple easy  interface to use for quick intuitive operation. This will quickly become one of your indispensable Apps. Pocket Life’s functionality is similar to the built in Calendar app, but it´s packed  with fine features and much sexier look!

Link: more screenshots



8) GooCal

Goo Cal is an easy, fast and secure way to access and manage your Google Calendar. It supports multiple accounts & calendars and also works in the offline mode if you don’t have an Internet connection available.  Bi-directional synchronization up until 1 year of past and future events. Offline mode: fully functional when you don’t have an Internet connection. List/day/week/month view.Multiple calendars & accounts.Search events. Edit events including drag & drop. Just an easy freecalendar app, for those, who doesn ´t want to waste their time with unclear and vague apps :)

Link: more screenshots

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